The Surf Lodge
"Cultural Programme" 
July 9th - August 10th


"Cultural Programme"
July 16th - August 10th
Opening Reception: 5pm - 2 AM @ the Surf Lodge
183 Edgemere St, Montauk, NY 11954

Kai Matsumiya Gallery announces “Cultural Programme”, an art show co-curated

with Ludovica Capobianco at the Surf Lodge, an isolated dream-like destination in

Montauk known for its cultural program filled with concerts, artist residencies, fitness classes,

and fine dining. Taking note of society’s capacity to withdraw from reality, as reflected by

reality’s heightened withdrawal from itself at the Surf Lodge, the group show features works by

Matteo Callegari, Lucky DeBellevue, Jessie Edelman, Rainer Ganahl, Jan Keifer, Gabriel

Lima, Steve Nishimoto, Zoe Pettijohn Schade and Pedro Wirz.


The core part of the exhibition comprises two site-specific installations by Lucky DeBellevue

and Rainer Ganahl that explore art’s capacity to represent a reality transformed by the

increasing prevalence of lifestyle branding and re-branding.


The multilingual Ganahl presents a large highway sign labeled “Syria, Exit Only” in both the

roman alphabet and Arabic in the outdoor space overlooking the lake, while flags scrawled

with the word “Sad!”, referring to President Trump’s infamous twitter feeds, wave alongside

unfurled American flags. Inside the Surf Lodge, Ganahl displays his iconic Hermes-

Marx scarves, authentic vintage Hermes scarves depicting colonialist ventures on which he

silkscreens “HERMES MARX” and abstract representations of communist symbols. Consistent

in his practice of questioning even the most fundamental expectations that society has for us

and bridging the negotiated gap between culture and the world, Ganahl encourages for us to

do so in all settings, including the most isolated luxurious get aways. Conflict and injustice are

always around the corner.


Lucky DeBellevue’s interventions include custom designed highball whiskey glasses where he

prints the slogans “I HATE THE SUN” and “I DON’T GO OUTSIDE”, with his signature style

consisting of imperfect quadrilateral shapes and irregular patterns. These patterns will also

serve as the stage backdrop made of tarp found at a DIY hardware store for the outdoor stage

for the musicians. In his usual compelling style, DeBellevue makes ironic and beautiful things

from nontraditional art materials.